Friday, December 30, 2016


Is that something a CFI is supposed to say? "Whee!" ?  Is a CFI supposed to high five their student when they land on the centerline or fly a heading perfectly or land on the mains instead of flat or handle an un-stabilized approach with style?

I don't know I "should" be doing such things, as a CFI... mine certainly didn't. But I've found myself doing that recently. Celebrating with my students as much, or sometimes, more than they do, when they do something really well. Or when they recover from a botched approach and learn something in the process?

I solo'd my second student today. It was awesome.... the best part was watching him learn and adjust his performance on his own. On his first landing he floated most of the way down the runway. The second approach as about half way down the runway before touchdown. Last approach he was off on Charlie, a wonderful touchdown. Light on the mains, nose gear high. Beautiful to behold. I was practically dancing with happiness.

How cool it is. To be able to teach others how to fly and take joy from their accomplishments!