Flight Plan

A list of some places I want to fly after I get my license.

Locations far enough away to qualify for Cross Country that have BBQ:
  • Merced Airport (KMCE) - Hangar BBQ
  • Skidmark's Cafe at Apple Valley (APV)
  • Am researching more options... 
Locations to visit because they seem cool:
  • Alaska - In the summer! Alaska is incredible from ground and water, I can only imagine it from the air.. some day...
  • Angwin - I hear this runway sits on a bit of a plateau. The town is located north of the Napa Valley. I drove there last weekend, it took 3.5 hours. Next time I fly.
  • San Andreas Fault - I want to fly the San Andreas fault and photograph the wrinkles in the earth.
  • Pinnacles - Have to maintain > 2000 AGL, but want to see that extinct volcano crater.
  • Montana - anywhere in Montana, that is "Big Sky Country". I've never been to Montana. I think that is the only state I've never been to and I want to see the big sky.
  • Monument Valley - I want to go back there, early in the morning in a slower plane and take many pictures.
  • Mariposa-Yosemite Airport - I've done mock flight plans to this airport a couple times. Its near Yosemite and I've only driven through Yosemite twice in my life. Never really spent good time there.
  • Chico - We have some friends that live up there. Would be fun to visit.
  • Bermuda Dunes - Timeshare down there, good long cross country flight practice.
  • Half Moon Bay - Have to do that :)
  • Willows - would be fun for me to fly to Willows. Thunderhill, here I come!
  • San Diego (somewhere) - used to live in San Diego, beautiful place
  • Carlsbad - CA and NM :)
  • Sedona - another place I'd like to spend more time exploring from the air
  • Idaho Falls - and areas around that. Idaho is a beautiful place from the ground, my brother lives there, would like to explore the area more
The red pins on the map below highlight some of the locations I'd like to visit.

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