Flying Music

Every activity worth doing is worth doing to music. Dancing, running, making love, and flying. I only recently got a headset that allows me to play music as I fly, but there's always music in my heart when I fly.  There are certain songs that remind me of flying, or songs that would make a good soundtrack while flying. So here is a list, to ever grow, of what I consider good flying music:


  1. Sail by Awolnation
    Adimeus by Karl Jenkins

    I would love to fly to these as well.

    1. Sail DEFINITELY belongs on the list! Don't know Adimeus, will find that one :) Thanks!

  2. What headset are you using. I use the Lightspeed Zulu II

  3. I use the Zulu II also. It is very light weight, doesn't cause any pain or headaches even in 6 hours of flight in a day. Had great sound quality and has the smarts built in to mute the music when audio traffic comes in over the com.