Monday, October 18, 2010

Weird Aviaton News... fresh from Munich

I saw this headline on a couple news papers today, the picture of a Cessna on the front page of a German newspaper caught my eye... my co-worker explained a the story was a person chartered a private plane for a tour, then pulled a knife on the pilot and demanded that he crash the plane... the pilot refused :) the person ended up jumping out of the plane and dying of course.

Here's the actual article for those of you that read German. Roughly translated via Google... the strange translated English makes the situation seem even more surreal.

Man Plunges to Fight in Small Plane

A 26-year-old in Munich, has rented a plane and pilot to get it to crash. When this failed, he plunged to his death.

Dramatic fight to the death: A 26-year-old has tried to Bavaria to bring a small plane to crash and then thrown out of the machine to death. As the police in Ingolstadt, the man from the Augsburg area rented the machine, including a pilot for a flight to Munich.

In 500 meters above the village churches in the mountain district of Dachau, he had the 42-year-old pilot then attacked with a knife and injured on the chin - apparently in order to crash the plane. As the pilot, however, successfully fought back, the 26-year-old fell from the flying machine on the roof of a house and died. Police found a suicide note in the apartment of the man.

The injured pilot of the single-engine Cessna landed after the incident in Augsburg.

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