Tuesday, December 14, 2010

This could be the most important day....

So ... tomorrow is the big day. Tomorrow I submit my person and my paperwork to the FAA in the person of an Airman Medical Examiner in order for him to determine if I am medically fit enough to fly the friendly skies. If he don't like what I have to say this bird may be grounded for life. If he isn't sure my paperwork goes to Oklahoma for the FAA there to decide what to do with me. If he does, I have my 3rd Class Medical which means I have a ticket to fly solo when my CFI says I am safe to do so. I can then proceed through the training to get my PPL and even IFR certification. Long term my goal is commercial pilot (2nd class medical) but I won't need that for a long time.

This could be the most important day of my flying career, especially if its the day that ends my flying career. I have a good likelihood of not having any issues I think. I desperately hope. I can't think of any activity that brings me more joy than flying. I absolutely love running, but I've been a runner for 5 years now and only after I started flying have I started thinking and feeling the concept of Joy.

So, dear Imaginary Readers, wish me luck. Please.

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  1. good news... I got my medical! I can now proceed through the rest of pilot training !!!