Thursday, March 17, 2011

If you only listen to your CFI one time.....

do it when he/she isn't there!

Realistically, we want to listen to our CFIs all the time. However, some people who will remain nameless sometimes don't do that so well. When your CFI isn't there and its just you and the plane, that's when to listen really REALLY hard. Because your CFI isn't there to jump in and take the controls and save your butt from bruised ego, battered plane or worse.

No, nothing happened... I did fly solo today. For the first time I flew away from RHV, only to the practice area and back after a couple trips around the pattern. While I was on my way there and back I listened to my CFI's voice calmly reminding me to watch altitude, stay left of 101 to avoid Class Charlie airspace, go through the checklist, start my descent, etc. etc. The voice is always there if I listen hard enough... and when my CFI isn't there, I should always listen extra hard, because that little voice can keep me out of trouble that I can't get myself out of.

For my flight, I found some gaps in my knowledge that I will get filled. I practiced maintaining my spacing from other planes in the pattern and did that well. I forgot to look at the end of the runway three times.. one time resulted in a go around, which I did well. *shrug*

Its all part of that learning process. Two steps forward, one step back. It was fun!

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