Wednesday, July 20, 2011

You know you're a pilot when ... (Part II)

You know you're a pilot when...

any small plane crash or off airport landing that makes the evening news within 100 miles of your home results in panicked texts, emails and FaceBook posts from your family and friends.

you have an intense desire to ask the passenger in the right seat of the car to take the controls if you have to adjust your seat, read a map or do other more intensive tasks.

partially sunny is not a detailed enough forecast, you want to know if the clouds are few, scattered or broken and how high they are.

you can tell a stranger in town what the typical temperature, cloud cover and winds are for your home area morning, noon and afternoon, summer, winter, spring and fall.

you think of the cost of an item or activity in terms of hours of flying (e.g. my husband wanted to buy a pump for the hot tub for $399 and my first thought was "That's three hours of flying!").

every time a plane of any size flies within ear shot you stop and look for it.

you critique the landings of the pilots on commercial flights (OK everybody does this but not as well as other pilots).

you actually enjoy spending hour after hour in an always noisy, sometimes smelly, usually hot, 30 year old piece of machinery flying and learning and flying and learning.

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