Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Aviation and Life

Two small instances where my involvement in aviation (and specifically my flight training) have improved my life.
  1. My work life is being upheaved at the moment. The group I've been working in for the last 3 years or so is re-organized, I have a new boss and more responsibility and less people to help with it. However, for some reason I've had three different people that I've worked with over the years come up to me and say stuff like "I don't know what you are doing but keep doing it. You've always been on top of things but you are handling this so well. You really are in charge this time." I can only blame my flight training as when the *#$&@ started hitting the fan I sat myself down and told myself. "Just fly the airplane." I am focusing on what is important and prioritizing the rest. The other thing "I'm not helpless." This time I'm not going to let people assume I'll just take on more work. Even when I CAN do it, it isn't my role or responsibility any more. I will do what it takes to make sure the work gets done, but it will not be me doing it.
  2. This one is bit more fun... when I was in the middle of a 6:30 AM conference call this morning with another 5 hours of conference calls to do and my husband texted me asking me to bring him something in town. I was able to reply back with a single word "unable" and he understood exactly what I meant. 
Bonus points for people who know where that "I'm not helpless" quote comes from. :)

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