Saturday, March 24, 2012

Embrace the Mistake

My instrument training is going rather well, I think. Things seem to be progressing quickly and I'm learning something new every time in the sim and before and after. I've progressed from basic attitude flying to VOR, Localizer and ILS approaches, most recently DME arcs all in less than a month of instrument training. I've been wondering when I'd have one of those lessons where things fall apart a bit. For one of those "great learning experiences" my CFI is so fond of. I used to dread those lessons during my PPL training, those learning experiences that etched certain knowledge into my brain. Now I know the value of those lessons.. they are the ones that taught me things I won't forget.

It was with some anticipation, instead of dread, that I waited for the first instrument lesson where things would fall apart a bit and I'd get a great learning experience. Sure enough, in my last lesson, for the first time, my instrument scan fell apart. I had to refocus my scan again, and remember how to use the attitude indicator and grab data off the other instruments and the radios and VORs, etc. When I did that right, everything seemed to slow down and it became easy to "fly" and practice the new skills.

Something I've noticed with this phase of my flight training I am much less upset with my mistakes and quicker to listen to the inputs I'm being given and try the recommendations quickly. As a result the mistakes become events that help me learn even better.  This is good... I'll try to maintain this attitude. It makes flight training much more fun. :)


  1. Thanks for a great post. I'd call it PROGREESS - even if I cannot reply as I'd wish! -C.

    1. I agree, C. I take this as a definite sign of progress :)