Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Partial Panel Missed into a Non Precision Approach

A little dry but sometimes you've got to boil it down to procedures... this is how to fly a partial panel missed approach and transition into a non precision approach at another airport.
Portion of an Approach Plate describing
the missed approach procedure from TCY.
  1. Stop descent at DH/MDA
  2. Proceed to MAP
  3. At MAP cram, climb, clean - establish Vy on runway heading
  4. Determine heading to fly for missed
  5. Turn to heading and continue climb
  6. Communicate: "on the missed"
  7. Set up for next approach
  8. Level off - pitch, slow power, trim
  9. Fly radar vectors/headings/altitudes as instructed
  10. Fly next approach once established & cleared
The specific order may change depending on circumstance... for instance, if you're at a towered airport, communicate before turning. And, if you have climbed to the missed approach procedure altitude before you set up for the next approach you'd obviously level off first, then set up the next approach.

Keep in mind all of this is to be done without the benefit of natural horizon, heading indicator and attitude indicator. All of those things that you've learned to depend on to stay safe... out the window. That's what makes partial panel so challenging, this is practicing an emergency procedure.

You know, I should give myself credit for knowing what that procedure means, being able to fly it and being able to understand what that picture of the chart is telling me. Yeah, I'm not doing bad at all! Just goes to show, study and practice anything long enough and you'll be amazed at what you can do without even thinking about it. 

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