Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Bad Runner Happy Pilot

This evening I was driving to the track (track and field track) to meet up with some friends and do a running workout. I'm supposed to be starting up my running training again. The weather was going to be nice for a run, cool but not raining yet. A series of strong storms are expected to hit this area over the next 5 days, bringing up to 10-12" of rain by the end of the weekend. So I knew this would be the last dry night for a while.

As I drove I saw the moon, bright and full in the sky. Half of the sky was crystal clear, the other half had high clouds. I checked ATIS at my home airport, expecting to hear strong winds... but there were no winds, ATIS reported calm. I continued in traffic to the track but the moon kept beckoning me. The sky looked so clear. I need to get night current. There is a storm coming. I need to exercise. I sat in traffic longer ... debating ... run or fly. Run or fly. Finally I gave in and diverted to the airport to fly.

I flew, not for a long time, but I flew. The air was cool but not too cold, the moon was full and bright, not a breath of wind or bump and few other planes in the air. It was perfect.

I am a bad runner sometimes, but tonight I am a happy pilot. :)

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