Monday, February 4, 2013

Lithium Sunset

Jeff and I went up last Friday evening to figure out IFR power settings in the 182. We flew into a relatively quiet area of the central valley between Los Banos and Castle airports to do this. On the way back we caught video of an incredible sunset. Enjoy...


  1. Had a fun 2 hours in the soup yesterday. Piper PA28 181 Archer II. Single axis autopilot. Hand flew for 1/2 hour and said let the autopilot do the rest. About halfway there to my IFR ticket.

    Tried to go east round the storm and in hindsight should have gone west and taken the shorter route through the clouds. Pireps showed no precip on our flight path as well as the XM weather we have in cockpit. Some developed during flight but we went around it.

    No icing, dry fluffy powder snow was all we saw sparingly.

    Had a strange engine cutout at about 40 minutes in (at 8000) and fuel pressure was lower than normal at this point. No water came out of any of the three sumps on preflight. Thought it might have been carb icing and carb heat did bring the exhaust gas temps back up but in hindsight it could have been the fuel pump getting weak in cold weather. Fuel pressure was in the green but half of normal. Gonna have it checked by mechanic first and then try another flight locally up high in the cold (so I can glide back to our towered airport safely if something goes wonky) and see if the electric boost pump makes a difference vs carb heat.

    Still fun training time and a good meal up there.

  2. Wow.. an engine cut out in the soup! Not fun. Looks like you have a plan to get the issue diagnosed and addressed. Glad you are enjoying the training and flying! Keep it up!