Friday, October 18, 2013

Pilots Just Know Pilots

On the way home from a business trip today a Southwest Airlines pilot put a big smile on my face. I was boarding the plane to head home and said a cheerful hello to the flight attendant standing by the door. I'm always cheerful when I'm headed home.

As I turned down the aisle I heard a male voice behind me say,  "She'd rather be flying." He must have seen the I'D RATHER BE FLYING tag I have on my backpack. I turned around and saw the plane's captain standing there... grinning. I grinned back and said, "Yep." He asked, "Do you fly?" and I said, "Yeah, but much smaller planes than this one."

A woman in line behind me overheard the conversation and as I walked down the aisle I heard her ask the captain, "How did you know?"  His response, "Pilots just know pilots."


  1. Southwest pilots are like that. They'll come up to you in the terminal and say "I saw your 'Crewmember' luggage tag. What do you fly?" This has happened to me many times. The reason: they're genuinely curious about everything to do with aviation, and think maybe you might know something that will help them someday.

    1. True. Every SWA pilot I've encountered has been very enthusiastic about everything aviation :) It's great to see!