Saturday, March 1, 2014

No Rain, No Rainbows

Its been a week to the day since my last attempted check ride. I've flown once since then. That was my trip to Castle AFB with my daughter and friend. Aside from that I've avoided the airport and been giving myself time to process the events of the previous weekend before I attempt to go back up again and work on the power off 180.

I had a brief chat with my CFI who has a plan for ensuring I will pass next time. Friends on one of the aviation forums I participate in have shown me a ton of support. I've even emailed with a couple other CFIs who all believe I will be successful next time. I've spent a lot of time getting work caught up, maybe even a bit ahead. I've been running more and spending time with my husband (who just got back from a month long business trip on Sunday) and daughter. I was lucky enough to see one of my brothers who was in town for business too. 

It was very good for me to get away for a while. Good to let my emotions run their course and get myself back to normal.  My dreams have returned to normal instead of replaying that one flight over and over again. I feel ready to return to the task at hand. I'm scheduled for a series of flights with my CFI next week.

This morning I went for a long run in the rain with some friends. As we returned to the start a rainbow appeared and, I swear, the end of the rainbow pointed to my home airport. That reminded me of that saying. No rain, no rainbows. I've had my rain. I am looking forward to the rainbows. I do believe things happen for a reason. The rain may be the check ride failures. The rainbow will be me gaining a new level of skill performing difficult maneuver that may save my life some day.

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