Sunday, July 19, 2015

CFI Training Update

I've made some great progress in the last two weeks... in spite of doing a ton of business travel and some mega work stress. I've finally started to settle in to teaching while I fly. In just two flights I've been able to demonstrate teaching flying in the pattern, normal take offs and landings, commercial steep turns, chandelles and emergency descents. And I swear to you...  I have... recorded... my CFI saying the word "great" about my teaching! More than once! What a nice change from even a month ago.

I won't be able to report much progress for the next two weeks. I'll keep doing the mental preparation that's worked for me to be able to teach however, I won't do any training flights for two weeks. I have business travel, my CFI is on vacation and then I'm on vacation - a desperately needed vacation! I'll be back in August to train.

If the Bonanza is flying again you can expect some posts from me about flying it to St. George, Utah for our vacation week after next - with a stop in Bryce Canyon too! Wish us a safe trip :)

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