Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Bit Closer to the Sky

Another beautiful sunset tonight... Pretty soft pastels of clouds floating in the blue. One of the clouds looked like my eagle. The one I will have as my tattoo after I get my PPL. A white eagle flying out of pink clouds.

I love seeing sunsets and sunrises now.. They give me a bit of joy just to see them... Now that I've been flying I feel like the sky is a bit of me or maybe I'm a bit sky. At the very least I feel closer to the sky. Maybe that's what some pilots talk about when they talk about touching God. It is hard to explain.

I really like sunsets in the winter... Its early enough that there are many planes flying... Jets on approach to SJC or SFO or OAK... GA planes on approach to RHV ... Pearls on a string they call them.. To me they look like diamonds sparkling against the pastels and blues of the sunset. And I know... sometimes one of those diamonds is me.

Me, a diamond sparkling in a bit of sky that is me.

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