Sunday, January 30, 2011

Debrief - 29 Jan 2011

Lessons learned / reminders as a result of YATPL (yet another traffic pattern lesson). Main issue this lesson, base.. everything about it.

  • Maintain straight track after numbers, for some reason I was drifting left after the numbers
  • For my typical timing to work need approximate 2300 rpm on downwind, much slower will be much lower than usual and will have to fix that
  • No need for steep turns to base or final w/o high winds - unless, on extended downwind and doing the turns at higher power settings because too far from runway to do power off landing - in other words, bank angle of turns onto base and final must take winds and airspeed into account
  • Square off base and final turns - Keeps timing right if on standard power off approach (otherwise you'll be too high), also helps with ATC timing
  • Need to apply correct level of power to address too low situation (How do you get too low? Too slow on downwind, allowing too much descent after pulling power, diving turn to base or final.)
  • Remember to use flaps or forward slip to correct for too high (how do you get too high? Turn base or final too early. Not managing base/final glide angle right.)
  • If on power on approach add flaps first, then reduce power
Contributing Factors
  • aircraft: 93K - no issues
  • weather: winds calm, overcast at 3500-4500ft, cool
  • airport: Rwys 31L and 31R, moderately busy, 4 planes in pattern sharing two runways
  • pilot: I - 0, M - 0, S - 2, A - 0, F - 7, E - 4 (10 is worst, 0 is best) Fatigue - heavy period night before and ran 10 miles that morning, was more tired than normal, Emotion - had expectations for very good flying because of last lesson
Adjustments for Next Time If the weather is promising for next Saturday I will try not getting up early (before 6AM) and running long before the lesson. Instead I will sleep in, run 6 miles near home, then go to the valley to fly. I seem to have worse lessons on Saturdays than week days, the commonalities between these Saturdays have been long runs (resulting in increased fatigue) and higher expectations because of good lessons during the week.

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