Monday, May 30, 2011

And we wait ...

Maybe 4th time will be the charm? who knows.

Due to unusually wet and cool weather this spring (our weather here has had temps and conditions more like winter than almost summer), my last three attempts to do my first solo cross country have been canceled.
  • First time, mountain obscuration, low clouds and the runway at my destination airport were closed that day.
  • Second time, winds too strong.
  • Third time, ALMOST happened. But the clouds came in and by the time the clouds were supposed to clear out the winds were predicted to be too strong.
I suppose it is good news that my assessment of the situations agreed with my CFI's and I didn't think I should go when he said I shouldn't. He won't sign me off unless he knows I can complete the flight safely under known conditions. That probably means he's being at least as, if not more, thorough checking the weather conditions for my flight as he is for his own. It makes me feel good to have an experienced aviator watching over my shoulder for this decision making process. It also means I got exposed to another really useful piece of weather data, the "Area Forecast Discussion". It is a mostly plain language discussion of current and forecast conditions, in general, and with data specific to aviation and marine interests as well.

My next attempt is scheduled for a gap between two unseasonably wet and cool cold fronts coming through the area this week. If the weather isn't good enough to go to King City I'll most likely be able to use the opportunity to work on cross wind landings some more at my home airport. I feel sorta like the space shuttle :) need conditions to be just right or the flight is scrubbed.

Anyway, I think I've mentioned before, sometimes being a pilot has more to do with not flying than flying. Hopefully I'll have a long career of flying and waiting to fly!

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