Monday, November 7, 2011

35 Hours and Counting

The check ride is scheduled: 9AM Wednesday.
The hypothetical cross country destination is set: Blue Canyon Airport
The DPE's weight is provided: 120 lbs (female, smaller than me)
The application submitted online
The plane is reserved: my "trusty steed" 5093K

Just under 35 hours to the start of my PPL Practical Test.. aka, the check ride. I feel strangely calm. Yes, I am having anxiety dreams now. But they don't bother me... anxiety dreams are normal for me before an event that is the culmination of a long effort. Marathons get some interesting dreams. My first 8 mile run got my worst anxiety dream! So I had a couple of anxiety dreams this morning. And in a way it makes me feel OK. My subconscious is gearing up for the check ride the same way I gear up for a marathon. I do well in marathons.

I learned something new flying with my CFI today. Sometimes my approach is actually set up right, and I don't have to fix it... *laugh* I've had a couple instances recently where I had the plane set up great on approach and then I went and "fixed it" when I didn't have to. I suppose I'll get used to things being right eventually :)

I don't have much to say at this point. The finish line is in sight. All I have to do is do it. It really is easy, if I just do what Scott says! Wish me luck, intelligent answers on the oral test, high ceilings, favorable winds and a good flight.

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