Sunday, November 27, 2011

My Eagle

My dear IRs, I'd like to introduce you to my eagle. I got this tattoo yesterday in celebration of finally earning my pilots license and my place among those that fly with eagles. I promised myself long ago that I would get an eagle tattoo after I got my license. To me the eagle is the perfect symbol of a pilot, proud (yes I am proud of my accomplishment so far and the greater things I will be able to accomplish), soaring and powerful and free.

Free from those surly bounds of Earth, free to touch the face of God, free to play among the clouds, winds, stars and sunbeams, free to view the wrinkles and bends of the earth, rivers and oceans as only the birds do, free to enable friends and families to get to places they would never consider accessible in a couple short hours, free to continue to challenge myself to be a better, safer, more skilled, more knowledgeable pilot, free to learn.

Yep, I love this eagle and all it represents. As its shape and colors took form on my leg, I knew it was right. Just as me flying is right. This eagle belongs on me just as I belong in the sky :) It is good.

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