Wednesday, January 2, 2013

High Performance!

Check one item off my flying plan for 2013. Today I received my high performance endorsement from my CFI. Does this mean I'm expert in high performance airplanes - oh no. But this is another license for me to learn even more. I am actually looking forward to flying this plane in the pattern and on short local flights to gain greater familiarity with the plane. After a couple or four flights I'm likely to feel more comfortable with taking people with me in this plane.

In the mean time, it was a great, if brief, training process and my CFI promises when I get bored with this type of plane we'll move on up to a complex plane next. Learning and flying is so much fun!


  1. Congrats. Next on my list after IFR rating

  2. Good move IMHO. I think the IFR rating helped make the HP endorsement a bit easier. It wasn't hard to build thinking about planning ahead for manifold pressure changes into my process. I think it would have been harder if I went straight from VFR flying to high performance. Good luck!

  3. Thanks! I have flown an HP plane twice now, it was a Debonair. They really move!