Monday, February 17, 2014

I Can Feel It

I hear the strains of that Phil Collins song, In the Air Tonight, drifting through my head when I say that. "I can feel it." In this case I'm not feeling something coming through the night though... I feel the end is near :) The end of this phase of my flying adventure. The end of my pursuit of my commercial rating is near.

My ride is confirmed for this Thursday, February 20. I've put together three good flights after three bad flights. I've grown used to the new engine, propeller and propeller governor in the plane that I've flown for the majority of my commercial training. The weather is looking promising.

Yes, the end of my pursuit for this particular rating is near. All I have to do to ensure the pursuit ends successfully is study, fly, remain calm, and do my best to demonstrate my knowledge, good judgement, finesse, professionalism, and mastery of the airplane to the DPE. I can feel it. I can do it. Soon!

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