Sunday, February 9, 2014

Planning a Spring Adventure

I'm planning a flight this spring to the Minneapolis area to meet up with my brother Chris. Then I'll fly with Chris to Idaho Falls to meet with my other brother, Rob. Chris would fly himself back from Idaho Falls to MSP commercial and I would continue back home directly from Idaho Falls. I'm allowing myself three days of travel time to get to the Minneapolis area, two days of travel time to get from Minneapolis to Idaho Falls and two days for Idaho Falls to CA. I know it can be done quicker, even in the Cessna 182 I'm planning to fly, but I am allowing for diversions and Murphy's Law in my planning.

The rough route I'm thinking of right now can be found at the link below. I hope to visit my friend near Salt Lake City on the way out to Minneapolis this time. After I cross the mountains east of Salt Lake City I'll be flying in what I call "the land of the great flat". This will be my first flight as PIC east of the Rockies. Chris and I will be flying near Devil's Tower in Wyoming and around the Grand Tetons in Idaho on the way to see Rob. I'll find a CFI in Idaho Falls to do a quick familiarization flight with the Grand Tetons before I try to tackle those mountains directly.

Flight Plan at

I've been researching general weather trends in both the midwest and Idaho for that time of year and it seems to me there's a 50/50 chance of being able to make this full trip in any specific week in the spring and probably a 75% chance of being able to make the Idaho / CA only trek. Aside from early spring thunderstorms, late winter blizzards and lower freezing levels than I am accustomed to, I wonder what other potential adventures await!

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