Saturday, March 7, 2015

Great Day!

Saturday... beginning of March. Absolutely gorgeous flying weather... and, on top of that, I had a fantastic day... aviation related of course!

Day started off sleeping in all the way to 8AM. Then I got up and made myself a nice breakfast. Left the house by 10AM and got to the airport at 11. Talked to friends at the club, helped a club member with a computer problem and met with a future member who wants to get an instrument rating. I recommended some flight instructors to him.

The 6 members who signed up for the RHV tower tour arrived.  We loaded up two cars and drove over to RHV's tower and spent almost two hours there learning about tower operations at our home airport.

Back to the club and went to a nearby fast food joint to grab lunch with a CFI friend. Back to the club and pre-flit the plane for my flight lesson. I had been rehearsing in my mind over and over exactly how I would do this flight and I expected it to go well.

Took off for the lesson and did great, great, great! I was teaching, flying and talking and I did awesome. My CFI said that a couple times and even patted me on the back he was so pleased. He said whatever I had for breakfast I should do that again. Then on approach to land my CFI says lets see if you can land on the centerline. So I put the plane exactly on the centerline, light on the mains and on the numbers. Taxied off at Charlie. He said, "You know the hard part, do that again." I know, but I smiled anyway.  As we taxied back to the club he was very positive. So was I. I actually said out loud, "I CAN do this." He said he knew that.  Next time we meet we'll do chandelles and lazy 8s. After that will be my spin training!

Lastly we did a brief meeting with the TSA and some of the club CFIs. I learned a lot and we all had a great laugh too.

At the airport from 11 to 7 and it felt like 5 minutes... 5 very good minutes. Tomorrow I will go up solo and practice teaching chandelles and lazy 8s. Tomorrow promises to be great day too.

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