Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Spin Part II

That's an unusual attitude!
When it stopped being terrifying, it became fun. When I did it the second time it became something I could control and explore. And the feeling I'm left with is exhilaration that I just can't express. It's something akin to my first landings, or when I learned I could control a plane over the runway, or when Lazy 8s became my favorite maneuver, but more. So much more.

It is, of course, spins. Stalling an airplane, making it spin and then playing with the spin to see what it takes to make the plane spin longer. Playing with a spin. PLAYING with a SPIN. Do you hear me? ME!? Playing with a spin! I have been stumped since yesterday trying to express how huge that is for me.

Yeah... that's me, smiling!
I am still stumped. I've written probably four pages of words... and none of them work. Maybe I do need to make that video... a compilation of "Horror at 5000 feet" which is what my CFI jokingly entitled the video of my first spin and the last spin I did yesterday where I was smiling through the whole thing and was loving it. I call it "Horror at 5000 feet part II." Or "Horror at 5000 feet, the Revenge". Yeah. I think that's what I'll do. Words fail me. In the meantime, some photos grabbed from screen shots. Video to come.

The other bits of news I'd like to share with you all... I've got my "Spin Endorsement" which means I have been found instructionally proficient in spins. Another milestone in my CFI training completed. Even better, I have a deal with my CFI to keep going up and doing spins every month or so, in part for fun and in part so I'd feel comfortable taking a student up for a spin myself. I'm really looking forward to that.

A new endorsement in my logbook. 

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